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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a wax worm?

A waxworm is the larvae of the moth Galleria Mellonella.  Waxworms are also sometimes called bee moth or wax moth.  In nature, the Galleria Mellonella larvae are found feeding in bee hives.


Do the waxworms need fed during storage?

No, the waxworms require no feeding once they are shipped from our location. 


Where should I store my waxworms?

Waxworms should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably 65 to 70 degrees.  They can be stored in a refrigerator however this sometimes creates moisture problems in the bedding.


How should I store my roasted waxworms?

The roasted snackworms have a shelf life of at least ten years and can be stored in the bag which they are shipped.  Store snackworms at room temperature.


How often should snackworms be added to bird feeder?

Snackworms should be mixed with other seeds and feed every time feeders are filled.  Snackworms are most beneficial to birds in the winter and spring.


How often should snackworms be feed to small pets?

Snackworms are a treat and not a diet, feed your small pet accordingly.