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About Waxworms - The Best Bird Treat, Pet Treat and Fish Bait

Our waxworms are great for backyard feeding, pets, reptiles, squirrels, ducks, and so much more! Our main business is growing waxworms for the recreational fishing industry. Through the years, we found that our own pets loved the taste of our worms, especially when we roasted them. That led us to produce our line of critter treats.

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Our waxworms are the ideal food for your pet, backyard animals or wild birds. They also serve as an excellent fish bait. In fact, our main business is growing waxworms for the recreational fishing industry. 

High in protein, calcium, potassium and fat, snackworms are just what your backyard birds, squirrels and ducks need to thrive during the winter months when food is scarce. Snackworms are even an excellent pet treat.

These waxworms are actually the pupa (or larvae) of the wax moth, or Pyralidae. Typically in the wild they live as parasites in bee colonies and eat the bees cocoons, pollen and shed bee skins. They're sometimes also called grubs, bee moths, caterpillars or waxies.

If you want to attract more wild birds to your yard, offer them up some waxworms. Many customers have reported different species coming in, especially blue birds, as word gets around about the tasty bird treat.

Insect-eating birds with extremely high metabolism absolutely love these grubs. Small birds can eat up to twenty percent of its body weight daily, therefore they need the high protein these waxworms offer. And since birds are nature's insect-eating machines, as your backyard fills up with more grub loving birds, the number of mosquitos and other pesky insects will decrease.